Woodlands Customised Products - Poly Bollards

WOODLANDS POLY BOLLARDS are fully made in Western Australia of UV stabilised polyethylene, resistant to rust giving our products a long life with a tamper resistant footing lip which prevents easy removal.

A real sustainable option to CCI treated pine with no ongoing maintenance and all are fully recyclable.

Three styles of top are available; a chamfer or a domed top in the round, or a skillion in the square options.

We can produce a 150 diameter grooved version which allows you to have a different colour top and insert.

All bollards are fully recyclable and can be ordered in a colour of your choice to match any project theme.

AM-14090BOL1200 Rectangle 200 140x90 5
AM-BOL150-DUAL Round 1200 150 6
AM-BOL100-1200 Round 1200 97 5
AM-BOL115-1200 Round 1200 115
AM-BOL140-1200 Round 1200 140 5
AM-BOL150-1200 Round 1200 150 6
AM-BOL115-2100 Round 2100 115 6
AM-BOL150-2930 Round 2930 150 6
AM-BOL150-0600 Round Cover 600 150 4.5
AM-BOL170-0600 Round Cover 600 170 5
AM-9090BOL1200 Square 1200 90x90 6
AM150150BOL1200 Square 1200 150x150 5

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