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Woodlands Enviro Turf Products

Woodlands Distributors and Agencies proudly represent the following companies’ Woodlands Enviro products in the turf market.

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Nutrian Liquid Fertiliser

Suppliers of bulk liquid fertilisers in NPK and variations to suit growing conditions. Products supplied to growers in IBC’s for optimum pricing.

Fertiliser programs and agronomic advice available from experienced and qualified professionals. Made in WA.

Nutrian Organics

Companion Biological Fungicide from T Growth Products is a unique formula of Bacillus stabilis GB03 strain bacteria. Produced in the USA, this product offers a biological approach to pathogen management in turf.

MAI Australia

Mycorrhizal Applications International produces a range of mycorrhizal fungi formulations to benefit turf through a symbiotic and mutualistic relationship.
Studies have shown these fungi greatly improve chlorophyll levels, nutrient uptake, improve drought and sodium tolerance and improve overall growth. This product is ideal for low Phosphate designated areas as mycorrhiza are P suppliers for their host turf. Made in WA.

Australian Perry Analytical Laboratories, APAL

APAL supplies NATA accredited soil, leaf tissue and water testing to ensure growers have the best options available to make soil, water and nutritional decisions.
Woodlands can complete all these tests and provide evaluations for each test. All reports come with recommendations and programs if required.
Testing of mulch, recycled waste and composts is also available.

Triangle Waterquip

Triangle Waterquip supply automated filtration systems and fertigation pumps to assist in the programed application of Nutrian Liquid Fertilisers. All fit together seamlessly to reduced man hours and simplify applications of products.

Pricing is always quoted for purchases to offer best value. Prices can be quoted ex Kwinana bulk pick up or into store and packaged if required. Made in WA.

A fully Western Australian owned integrated street furniture supply and installation company which meets the needs of quality infrastructure and ongoing maintenance requirements. A WALGA preferred supplier and proud partner of Parks and Leisure Australia.